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CJ CGV, the largest South Korean cinema chain, is negotiating to buy a stake in the Russian Karo chain. It is reported by Kommersant citing a source familiar with both sides of the negotiations; several informants on the market are also aware of these negotiations. According to Kommersant’s source, representatives of the Russian and South Korean companies have met three times this year. CGV is running due diligence of the chain and wants to buy the controlling interest in Karo, he added.

25 August 2017

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South Korea

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CGV, a member of CJ Group, a large Korean group of companies, manages more than 3 thousand screens in different countries, including South Korea, China and the USA, of which 1 thousand in the domestic market. In 2016, the Company bought Mars Cinema, Turkish cinema market leader, for $687 million and joined the top five world’s largest cinema chains.

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