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Lantmannen Unibake

The Coca-Cola Company intends to sell production capacities of Nidan plant to the Russian offspring of the Danish company Lantmannen Unibake, which is engaged in the production of bread and pastry products.

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service considered and granted the petition of Lantmännen Unibake to acquire 100% of OOO Nidan Juices," reads a press release issued by the regulating agency.

Lantmännen Unibake commenced its operations in Russia in the mid-1990s. In 2004 it has been decided to launch the plant for the production of frozen bakery products for fast food enterprises in connection with the development of the market and sales growth. Since 2006, the factory in Egorievsk (Moscow Oblast) produces baguette bread and baguettes for the French hot dogs, buns for hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as a wide assortment of pastries to sandwiches.

The company owns 23 bakeries in 18 countries.

13 October 2015
Moscow region

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Lantmannen Unibake


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Contact: Jan Henriksen, Director General

Lantmännen Unibake It is one of Europe's leading suppliers of high-quality baked goods to retailers, wholesalers and the catering industry. The company owns 23 bakeries in 18 countries.

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