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HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

Construction of Huesker geotextiles factory will begin in Tver Region in 2016.

11 February 2016

Governor Shevelyov,accompanied by representatives of the region’s government ministries and legislature, visited HUESKER Synthetic GmbH’splants. The company is planning an investment project in the Upper Volga to build a geotextile plant there.

The company has acquired a land lot in the Borovlevo industrial park and completed a preliminary design for the proposed plant. The next stage will involve the development of design documentation. Members of the Tver delegation visited production shops where the German partners showed them the capabilities of their products that are in strong demand from road builders.

At a meeting with the company’s executives,the parties discussed the outlook for setting up production facilities in the Tver Region. Dr. F.-Hans Grandin, HUESKER CEO, said that he had repeatedly heard his German colleagues carrying out projects in the Upper Volga praise the region’s investor relations and support.

“Cooperation with Russia is as important to us as ever”, Dr. F.-Hans Grandinsaid. “We want to be closer to our potential customers and are ready for next steps in implementing our plans in the Tver Region”.

16 September 2015
Tver region

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HUESKER Synthetic GmbH


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Contact: Dr. F.-Hans Grandin, CEO

The HUESKER Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of geosynthetics, agricultural and industrial textiles.

The corporate head office of the HUESKER Group is located in Gescher (Westphalia), Germany. The company also has subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Asia, the USA and Brazil.

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