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Turkey’s Hayat Holding has opened a plant on the territory of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. This is the fifteenth plant that has been put into operation in the Alabuga SEZ.

Total investment in the construction of the plant and the marketing campaign in Russia amounted to approximately RUB 6 billion. The plant manufactures toilet paper, paper napkins and paper towels. Paper reels – a kind of “semi-finished product” – are also exported to Kazakhstan.

The investment project provides for the direct employment of more than 400 people and as many as 650 jobs combined with marketing campaign personnel in Moscow.

The Hayat Kimya plant is the second enterprise opened by Turkey’s Hayat Holding in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. In 2014, the Kastamonu wood processing plant, which is also part of the Hayat Holding, launched operations in the SEZ.

Total Turkish investment in Russia has reached USD 10 billion with USD 1.5 billion of that amount invested in Tatarstan.

31 March 2015
10 000.0 mln
Jobs: 650
Republic of Tatarstan

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Hayat Holding


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Contact: YAHYA KİĞILI, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Hayat Kimya is a leading player in the FMCG industry, and one of the biggest global companies established by Turkish investors. Hayat Kimya offers the Papia, Familia, Focus and Teno brands in the tissue category, the Bingo brand in the home-care category, the Molped brand in the sanitary pads category, the Molfix brand in the baby diapers category, and the Joly and Evony brands in the adult diapers category.

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