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Who's investing in Russian Federation? Find information about publicly announcement investments using the tool bellow.
Note that the listing of new capital investment projects in Russian Federations is based on a daily media review of public announcements.
Please note that information published here is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. Any information critical to user's operation should be verified independently. The database contains investments from 1997 to current year. For more information, see the Database of Publicly Announced Investments "Key Questions".
Total Investment: 113,230$MM, Total New Jobs: 74,532
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Parent Company
Project Type
News Jobs
Invest­ment US $m
2016 Monsanto Company Monsanto Company United States Agriculture Manufacturing

Increasing production volumes of hybrid seeds

Expansion n/a n/a Voronezh Region n/a
2016 Haier Group Ltd Haier Group Ltd China Computers, Phones & Household Electronics Manufacturing

Production of televisions

New n/a n/a Republic of Tatarstan n/a
2017 Kermi GmbH Kermi GmbH Austria Household Goods Manufacturing

Production or radiators

New n/a n/a Moscow Region  Stupino
2017 Wei Fen Wei Fen China Wood processing Manufacturing

Timber industry 

New n/a 5.3 Krasnoyarsk Territory n/a
2017 XinChen Ind. & Com. Group Co. Ltd. XinChen Ind. & Com. Group Co. Ltd. China  Chemicals Construction

Oil refinery

n/a n/a 4000 Primorsky Territory n/a
2017 Schneider Electric SA Schneider Electric SA France Software & IT Services R&D

Joint research and development of solutions in the field of cyber security of critical infrastructure facilities

Joint Venture n/a 16.6 Republic of Tatarstan n/a
2017 Groupe Danone Groupe Danone France Food & Beverages Manufacturing

Modernization of production facilities

Modernization n/a 16.7 Samara Region n/a
2017 Fortum Keilaniemi Fortum Keilaniemi Finland Power Construction

Construction of wind power plants

Joint Venture n/a 3.200 n/a n/a
2017 Weichai Power Weichai Power China Machinery, Equipment & Components Manufacturing

Production of car engines

Joint Venture n/a n/a Yaroslavl Region  n/a
2017 ChemChina ChemChina China  Chemicals Manufacturing

Production of fertilizers

Joint Venture n/a 500 Tula Region  Novomoskovsk
2017 Sarstedt Sarstedt Germany Healthcare Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing

Manufacture of medical products

New n/a n/a Pskov Region  n/a
2017 Sico Sico Slovenia Machinery, Equipment & Components Manufacturing

Production of timber processing equipment

New n/a 3 Vladimir Region  n/a
2017 Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget  Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget  Sweden Household Goods Manufacturing

Manufacture of hygiene products

Expansion n/a 10.5 Tula Region Venev
2017 Dalian Machine Tool Group Dalian Machine Tool Group China Machinery, Equipment & Components Manufacturing

Production of CNC machines

Joint Venture n/a 183 Moscow Region  n/a
2017 Hunan Super Industrial Hunan Super Industrial China  Food & Beverages Manufacturing

Food production

New n/a 150 Moscow Region  n/a
2017 Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding Germany Diversified Retail Construction


New n/a 75 Kaluga Region  n/a
2017 AGCO Corporation AGCO Corporation USA Machinery, Equipment & Components Manufacturing

Extension of agricultural machinery production 

Expansion n/a 16.6 Moscow Region  Golitsyn
2017 Leader medica SRL Leader medica SRL Italy Healthcare Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing

Production of dental implants

Joint Venture n/a n/a Penza Region  n/a
2017 Inditex Inditex Spain Textiles & Apparel Manufacturing

Production of clothes and home textiles

New n/a n/a n/a n/a
2017 Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company China  Pharmaceuticals. Biotechnology & Medical Research Manufacturing

Production of drugs

New n/a n/a Saint Petersburg  n/a

* Company has headquarters in another country

Key Questions

How can I submit information if I am aware of projects that are not listed?

Should you be aware of projects which should be considered for this database, or wish to report any errors, please contact

Why am I not seeing a project which I know about?

Several reasons may be possible: The project has not yet been announced in the media, which is a prerequisite for INVEST IN RUSSIA database. The project that you know about does not qualify according to INVEST IN RUSSIA project selection criteria. Our processes involve several steps. The project file is published once the basic information is assembled through a process of research, qualification and verification.

What are INVEST IN RUSSIA DATABASE project qualification criteria?

The project must involve capital expenditures (building, machinery, equipment) upwards of $1M for most sectors, with the exception of retail, entertainment and hotels, for which the threshold is set at $20M. Shell buildings for future investments are not considered. The project must be publicly announced, with a credible schedule for realization. Research and development projects with no significant capital expenditures (i.e. below $1M) are not retained.

Why is the project value sometimes not available?

Several reasons may be possible: Capital investment value of some projects is confidential. Even when some value has been published by the media, it may happen that the investor is not willing to confirm the published figure. In these cases, E&B DATA makes a judgment on the credibility of the published value. If a doubt remains about the project value, the figure is not made available by INVEST IN RUSSIA database.

Are dollar values for project cost provided in current or constant dollars?

In current dollars.

Why is job creation sometimes not available?

Several reasons may be possible: Job creation is confidential. Job announcements may be premature (early phase of the project). Job creation is linked to the market conditions at the time of the project completion. The figure may therefore be highly uncertain.

I have heard about a new acquisition which will certainly lead to future expansion. Will it be on the database?

It will if and when a capital investment project is announced.

What are your sources?

Our sources include newspapers, newswire services and economic development agencies publications.

With which organizations is the information verified?

With the investing company, or when not possible, with local government authorities (usually economic development services).

How frequently is the on-line database updated?

At least once a month.

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