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Why Russia?

"Russia is one of the priority markets for IPSEN. We pay great attention to the development of our business in the country."

Marc de Garidel

Chairman and CEO


Why Russia?

"We came to the Russian market more than 20 years ago, and hope our business here will continue for many years to come. "

Emmanuel Faber



Why Russia?

"We contribute a lot to the Russian business sector. Our client base in Russia is very loyal. The Russians are fond of sports and have always been good at athletic competitions. That is why this market is extremely important for us and we will invest in it."

Herbert Hainer

Аdidas Group


Why Russia?

"We will develop our production in this country because we have a great interest in the Russian market. We are going to produce different kinds of home appliances and we hope that we will be able to develop our production and promote our products in Europe on the basis of this industrial complex. "

Liang Haishan

Haier Corporation


Why Russia?

"We have been working in Russia for a long time. We have always been committed to this market and still intend to remain players on it and meet the demands of our consumers."

Victoria Mars

Chairman of the Board
Mars Inc


Why Russia?

"I’m extremely happy to be in Russia. We have 22 factories around the world and employ 13,000 people. Now we will produce 1000 machine tools in Ulyanovsk. We would also like to develop a new machine tool in the region. Crises come and go. Despite the current economic difficulties, our management has said: ‘we are moving full steam ahead."

Christian Thönes

Member of the Executive Board
DMG Mori Seiki


Why Russia?

"Commissioning of the plant was the next step in the history of our investment in clinical research and scientific cooperation in this important country for us, it also strengthens our long-standing commitment to work in Russia."

Pascal Sorio



Why Russia?

"We have acquired a very large industrial complex in Samara. This is Schneider Electric’s largest production site in the world. We have also acquired an enterprise in Yekaterinburg. We have already built several plants from the ground up and recently began construction on a transformer plant in Samara. The company’s strategy is to manufacture all the equipment in Russia that is sold here."

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Schneider Electric


Why Russia?

"Our investment reflects very clearly our great confidence in Russia and our long-term commitment to this very important market."

Indra Nooyi

Chairman of the Board and CEO

Why Russia?

"Russia is a very attractive market for Bosch. We entered this market 110 years ago. Today we have over 3 000 employees here. We produce and sell a wide range of products in Russia. We plan to invest more."

Uwe Raschke

Member of the Board (Chief executive for Europe, Middle East, Africa)
Robert Bosch GmbH

Why Russia?

"Russia is an important partner for Valio. We have been present there for over 100 years and will be excited to continue our development in the Russian market. "

Mika Koskinen

Member of the Board


Why Russia?

"Russia has enormous agribusiness potential; there are lots of fertile lands and the climate is favourable for cultivating cereals. We are observing excellent growth prospects in the Russian agricultural sector and we will consider new projects in your country."

Thomas Fuertes

President and co-owner
Grupo Fuertes


Why Russia?

"We reaffirm our commitment to the projects being implemented in Russia, and the $100 million in investment that we are making in the project to produce the Ford Transit is proof of this. Even in difficult economic times, Russia remains one of the largest European automobile markets."

Ted Cannis

Ford Sollers


Why Russia?

"Sika views Russia as one of the most important markets and constantly invests in the construction of new facilities, the localisation of the raw materials base and the development of a scientific research centre."

Jan Jenisch

Sika AG


Why Russia?

"We have strong confidence in the Russian market and believe that there is immense potential for further growth in the years ahead."

Olof Persson

AB Volvo,
Volvo Group

Why Russia?

"The launch of our new factory in Noginsk is an important milestone for Oriflame, as the Russian market is, and will continue to be, essential for the company."

Magnus Brännström

CEO and President


Why Russia?

"Russia is a very important market. And for us it is a market that is very promising. We look at markets around the world, we look at areas and countries where we can invest sustainably in the long-run. Today we have a focus on Russia."

Khaldoon Khalifa Al-Mubarak

CEO and Managing Director
Mubadala Development Company


Why Russia?

"We have a long-term strategy in Russia, and it has always been that way. This year marks 25 years of working in Russia. Our investments have been successful, although we have encountered difficulties at times. However, as a whole it has been good for the company. Russia is a tough but good place to do business. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of additional investment in Russia by BP."

Robert Dudley



Why Russia?

"GE is proud to collaborate with Russia, the one of the world’s biggest economy, and help continue efforts to modernize its industrial infrastructure."

Jeff Immelt

Chairman and CEO

Why Russia?

"I believe it is now a suitable, good time [to invest in Russia]. Late in 2014, we had a certain slump in our Russian business because of the drop in the value of the rouble. But this is normal. Every business has its ups and downs. When you are down, you need to work very hard, and when business is good, you can reap benefits. I am quite optimistic."

Jack Ma

Alibaba Group


Why Russia?

"We continue to support your country in modernisation, which is another aspect of maintaining trust and partnership between our company and Russia. This is proceeding in consideration of the current economic situation. But our relations are already 160 years old, and the political situation has changed many times during this period. Let the politicians conduct their own business."

Siegfried Russwurm

Member of the Board
Siemens AG


Why Russia?

"We are firmly convinced that this key market will develop positively and now we are able to serve this market even better."

/About russian automotive market/

Stefan Sommer

ZF Friedrichshaefen AG


Did you know?

Russia is the 6th largest economy in the world.
GDP purchasing power parity, $trillion

Public debt. % of GDP

6th domestic market.

FDI in Russia 2013-2016 report

China is the top source country
for FDI announcements in Russia in 2016

download pdf

Iron and steel industry

RDIF report

Lead industry

RDIF report

Platinum-group metals industry

RDIF report

Precious metals industry

RDIF report

Nickel industry

RDIF report

Copper industry

RDIF report

Zinc industry

RDIF report

Coal industry

RDIF report

Telecommunications industry

RDIF report

Transportation industry

RDIF report

Agriculture and food industry

RDIF report

Gas industry

RDIF report

Hotels & Entertainment Services

Pharmaceutical and medical industry

Russia is 8-th largest pharmaceutical market in the world, where almost 80% of products are imported.

Real Estate

Russia is seen as an attractive real estate investment market in 2014, especially compared to other European countries.

Innovations and Technology

Nowadays the development of innovations and technology in Russia has steadily became a strategic area for both the Russian government and private business.


Infrastructure is one of the great challenges of the 21st century for Russia, with a huge impact on long-term business growth and economic competitiveness.

Aluminium industry

RDIF report

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